Connecting the VCM-TR3 between the diagnostic port of the motorcycle and the USB or Bluetooth of the PC facilitates their communication. This two way communication will allow the user to send commands to the motorcycle through TechnoResearch software as well as view powerful data received from the motorcycle. Integration of wideband oxygen sensors with ECM reported data is made easy with additional inputs to the VCM-TR3. Additionally, the user may connect to the VCM-TR3 using the free TechnoResearch App on their Android phone.

DirectLink for Delphi

Direct Link is a Windows based software that provides users with the ability to modify Delphi ECU parameters, such as the Volumetric Efficiency, spark timing, and engine displacement settings, in order to achieve better engine performance. Fully utilizing the ability to integrate wideband O2 collection (or stock O2 collection) with the tuning table parameters reported by the ECU, Direct Link greatly reduces the users need to do cell by cell tuning calculations with a feature called Auto Mapping. Auto Mapping increases the time that can be spent refining a tune while significantly decreasing the time of the tune as a whole. Works with ALL Harley Davidson Delphi EFI ECUs.


  • VCM-TR3
  • DirectLink Tuning Key for Delphi
  • O2 Install tool
  • TRO2 Sensors