Quickly combine the current map information, Tune Builders powerful data collection, and sophisticated algorithms to effortlessly tune VE tables, detect & remove spark knock, and evaluate engine usage areas.This system aids in tuning by allowing the user to copy and paste values from their third-party software into Tune Builder for the creation of custom maps. After data is collected, Tune Builder's Auto Mapping feature does the rest--in just minutes fuel tables are adjusted automatically to create the most efficient map possible. Simply copy and paste the new values back into the tuning software of choice and program the new custom map.
Requires a TechnoResearch VCM to communicate with vehicles.
  • Log up to 16 channels simultaneously and at high frequency
  • Record and seamlessly integrate up to 4 wide band channels from any O2 sensor device into the data collection
  • Utilize the motorcycle stock narrow band O2 sensors (when available)
  • View 3D plots (color or grid)
  • View statistics on collected data
  • View and adjust tables
  • Easy to apply manual corrections of VE and Spark tables
  • Apply changes to front and rear tables simultaneously
  • Tune Builder Key (5 licenses)